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I don't intend to go shopping tomorrow. I'm not...
I'm not going to go shopping tomorrow.
Fashion has never been one of her interests. ......on fashion.
She has never been keen on fashion.
How long is her hair? What is...
What is the length of her hair?
There isn't as much wine left as I have expected. There is much...
There is much less wine left than I have expected.
I don't know how to tell him about my promotion. I have....
I have no idea how to tell him about my promotion.
My boyfriend borrowed my bike yesterday. I...
I lent my boyfriend my bike yesterday.
I can't wait till we meet again. LOOKING
I'm looking forward to our next meeting.
In the past she did all the housework herself. Now they share the chores. USED
She used to do all the housework herself.
I haven't got enough money to buy her these flowers. These flowers...
These flowers are too expensive for me to buy them for her.
I suggest organising a girls' night out. How...
How about organising a girls' night out?
Last time I saw my mother-in-law was 6 months ago. FOR
I haven't seen my mother-in-law for 6 months.
The little girl is not heavy. You can give her a piggyback. LIGHT
The little girl is light enough to give her a piggyback.