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389A #1

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To send an email message that received to another person
Yahoo! is a _________________.
 search engine
 Web browser
Google Chrome is a _____________________.
 Web browser
 Search Engine
To make the words automatically continue to the next line
Use the ______________ key to indent in MLA documets.
What is the line spacing for MLA?
2.0 or double
A line on the screen that shows where you are going to type next
A key that erases everything to the left
To keep your finger pressed on the mouse button
 let go
Programs added to the computer system
An arrow you can click to make the drop-down list menu appear
Drop-down list arrow
To make your window smaller
The button that make your window disappear, but the program is still open
 Minimize button
 Maximize button
 Restore button
 Close button
To use your mouse to move something to a different place on the screen
 go to
the brain of the computer