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An accidental experiment

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what did he wash the tube with?
He washed the tube with alcohol.
What is mauveine?
A new color
Why could only rich people buy purple clothes?
Because they were very expensive.
Who could only buy purple clothes in the past?
kings, queens and rich people
What does he do with the new dye?
He sells it in large quantities.
What is the name of the new color?
It is called mauveine.
How many men worked on the experiment with the crystals?
3 young chemists
What did they make natural dyes from in the past?
plants and animals
What did they need to dye one dress purple?
A special liquid from sea snails.
What happened when he washed the test tube with alcohol?
It became a purple crystal.
What was the first result of his experiment?
A black disgusting compound
What did he try to find at the beginning?
They tried to find a medicine for Malaria.
Where did William study?
He studied at the Royal Collage of Chemistry in London.
How old was William in 1856?
He was 18 years old.