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Before I (leave) the airport, I (check) that I (have) my passport.
left - checked - had
My grandparents (travel) to Peru next month.
will travel - are going to travel
Sally (check) her emails now to see if the hotel confirmation has arrived.
is checking
My father usually (book) the same hotel year after year. He (love) it.
books - loves
My family and I (spend) our holidays in Pinamar every summer.
My mum (make) a reservation online three weeks ago.
I (visit) Disneyworld with my family when I was four years old.
I (eat) snails on holiday in France ad I (see) jellyfish in Portugal.
have eaten - have seen
We never (be) to Paris before.
have never been
The airline just (tell) us that our plane is delayed.
has just told
Sara (go) to Australia and she won't be back until next week.
has gone
I ordered some tickets online two weeks ago, but they (not arrive) yet.
haven't arrived
you ever (climb) a high mountain?
Have you ever climbed a high mountain?