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English File Elementary 6A Communication

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They are talking THE CHILDREN.
They are talking them.
This present is for ANNA AND RICHARD.
This present is for them.
Can I speak to MARTIN?
Can I speak to him?
My parents usually have lunch with SIMON AND ME on Saturdays.
My parents usually have lunch with us on Saturdays.
THE WEATHER is very cold.
It is very cold.
THE DOGS are barking.
They are barking.
SILVIA can't come to the party.
She can't come to the party.
I can't come to THE MEETING.
I can't come to it.
Are you sitting on MY PURSE?
Are you sitting on it?
Do you like them?
I can't see MATTHEW.
I can't see him.
MARK AND I are cooking the dinner.
We are cooking the dinner.
SALLY AND JIM are getting married today.
They are getting married today.
JACK is very angry.
He is very angry.
I agree with MRS CHAPMAN
I agree with her
Please call JACK AND ANNA this evening.
Please call them this evening.
Wait for HARRY AND ME!
Wait for us!
I like ANNA.
I like her.