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You pick!
Pick anything to put in order from first to last
Do laundry
First, sort your dirty clothes, then put a load in the washing machine, next add detergent, then run the cycle, when they're done put them in the dryer and dry
Buy something at the store
First, go to the store, then pick out what you want, next take it to the cashier, finally pay for it.
Ask a teacher a question
First, formulate your question, then raise your hand, finally ask the teacher
Eat lunch at school
Up to you!
Get ready for bed
First, brush your teeth, then undo the covers, next lay down, finally go to sleep
Plan a party
First pick a day and time, then invite friends, next get the party supplies, finally throw the party
Walk a dog
First, put the leash on the dog, then take it outside, finally go for a walk
Make breakfast
Up to you!
Send a letter
First, get the materials, then write the letter, next address and stamp the envelope, put the letter inside, finally mail the envelope.
Get ready for school
First, wake up, then eat breakfast, then get dressed, finally brush teeth
Make a bed
First put the fitted sheet on, then the regular sheet, next the pillow cases on the pillow and finally finish with putting the comforter on top.
Make ice cubes
First put water in a container, then set them in the freezer, finally take them out after a long period of time.
Make Cookies
First get out your materials and ingredients, then follow the recipe, next put them in the oven, finally take them out when the timer goes off.
Wash your hands
First- Turn on the water, Then get hands wet, next add soap and rub hands together for at least 20 seconds, finally rinse soap off, dry hands & turn water off