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Every Saturday, when we were Canada, We ___________ go for long walks.
would go/ used to go
_____________ get into trouble with your teachers when you were 8?Did you used to/ Did you use to
Did you use to get
I __________________ (not like) football then, but I like it now.
didn't use to like
My brother and I ___________ (fight) all the time.
would fight/ used to fight
How many friends __________________ (have)? would you have/ did you use to have
did you use to have
I ___________________ (not wear) glasses when I was at university.
didn't use to wear
Ever since I remember, he _____________ (sit) on the front porch and read.
would sit
When I was a child I _____________ (not like) peanuts.
didn't use to like
As a student, Peter ______________ (work) at a bookstore right after school.
would work
When Sandra was a kid, she _____________ (believe) in fairytales
used to believe
every year, on my birthday, my sister ______________ (bake) me a chocolate cake.
would bake / used to bake
Two years ago, I ______________ (not have) online classes.
didn't use to have
When I was your age, I ____________ (not have) an smart phone.
didn't use to have
When I was young, I ______________ (play) tennis every Sunday.
would play / used to play
My mom ____________ (read) me amazing stories every night at bedtime.
would read /used to read
We ____________ (live) in New York when I was a kid.
used to live