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Say 3 things (Book 2 - 2nd half)

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Say 3 sad films
Marley & me, The Fault in our Stars, Titanic
Say 3 irregular verbs in the past
did, took, wrote
Say 3 wild animals
tiger, wolf, lion
Say 3 modal verbs
could, should, would
Say 3 things that cost a lot of money
gold, oil, computers
Say 3 capital cities
Lisbon, London, Madrid
Say 3 things you bought last month
food, clothes, shampoo
Say 3 things you wore yesterday
T-shirt, jeans, socks
Say 3 past participles
done, taken, written
Say 3 things you hate
waiting, fake people, paying taxes
Say 3 things you ate yesterday
bread, chicken, pizza
Say 3 things that make you happy
chocolate, coffee, books
Say 3 things that make you tired
work, school, exercise
Say 3 desserts
cake, pie, ice cream
Say 3 meals
breakfast, lunch, dinner
Say 3 radio stations
Saudade, Bandeirantes, Jovem Pan
Say 3 TV channels
HBO, CNN, Warner
Say 3 things you can win
a prize, a game, a competition