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Are you good at _____ (remember) people's names?
He pretended _____ (not understand) the police officer.
not to understand
_____ (eat) cakes and junk food will make you fat.
I decided _____ (go) camping because I didn't have much money.
to go
I'm very happy _____ (be) here.
to be
We are thinking of _____ (go) to Mexico for our holidays next year.
They drove without _____ (stop) for 6 hours.
Do you need _____ (go) to the bathroom?
to go
She tried _____ (not hit) the man, but she was driving too fast.
not to hit
He's very competitive. He thinks _____ (win) is the most important thing.
Is it difficult _____ (learn) Japanese?
to learn
We were unhappy with the service, so the restaurant offered _____ (give) us a free dinner.
to give
He works at weekends _____ (earn) more money.
to earn
It was very interesting _____(see) my old school again.
to see
Do you mind _____ (not talk) so loudly?
not talking
Would you like _____ (come) to my party?
to come