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Thanksgiving Talking

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On what piece of clothing or accessory are you most likely to have a buckle?
What is the function of a buckle?
If you had been a Pilgrim, what would you have been thankful for?
How were their lives different from yours?
What's your favorite way to eat potatoes?
If you don't like potatoes, what do you eat instead?
Thanksgiving commemorates a good harvest. Have you ever picked a crop?
Tell us about it.
Have you ever made a recipe?
How did it taste?
What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Where does this tradition come from?
What's your favorite part of the turkey?
What do you like about it?
If you were a pilgrim travelling to a new world, how would you travel?
How would you feel about this journey?
What would you want to fill a cornucopia with?
Do you like to decorate for holidays?
Do you prefer shopping or watching football?
Or neither? Why?
What is something frivolous you're thankful for?
What's a synonym for frivolous?
Over the river and through the woods, to whose house do you normally go?
Do you like being a guest?
What character balloon do you wish they had in the Macy's parade?
Look up! Why don't the balloons float away?
If you got the wishbone, what would you wish for?
It's good to have wishes and think about the future.
Which leftover could you gobble all weekend?
How are leftovers convenient?
Which leftover do you never want to see again?
Does anyone in your family not like to eat leftovers?
What's your favorite kind of pie?
Can we have more than one favorite kind of pie?
What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?