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There are ____ chairs in the living room.
I have ___ questions about the lesson.
I have some questions about the lesson.
We don't have ____ bags in our car.
We don't have any bags in our car.
Does he eat ____ bread for breakfast?
Does he eat any bread for breakfast?
Does she drink _____ coffee in the morning?
Does she drink any coffee in the morning?
We don't have ___ animals in our house.
We don't have any animals in our house.
There are ____ teachers in the school.
There are some teachers in the school.
I have ___ cousins in the USA.
I have some cousins in the USA.
Do you have ___ brothers or sisters?
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Are there ____ exercises in the book?
Are there any exercises in the book?
Do you have ____ keys in your bag?
Do you have any keys in your bag?
Are there ___ chairs in the classroom?
Are there any chairs in the classroom?
There are ____ clothes on the floor.
There are some clothes on the floor.
I don't have ____ money in my pocket.
I don't have any money in my pocket.
There are ____ cars on the street.
There are some cars on the street.
We have ____ new books.
We need some new books.
There aren't ____ oranges in the kitchen.
There aren't any oranges in the kitchen.
They don't have ____ posters in this shop.
They don't have any posters in this shop.