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Present Simple and Present Continuous

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The teacher_______(not/drive) a car, he rides a bike.
doesn't drive
How much water_______(you/drink) every day?
do you drink
___________(your friends/like) video games? Yes, they do!
Do your friends like
My brother _____________(always/help) me with my homework.
always helps
Why_____________(you/speak) so loud? I can hear you perfectly.
are you speaking
She_____________(have) a big dog
This year they___________(learn) French in a new school.
are learning
She_________(always / wear) jeans to school.
always wears
It_____________(rain) so take an umbrella.
is raining
__________(your sister/speak) English?
Does your sister speak
At the moment we_____________(stay) at my grandmother's flat
are staying
How often__________(you/cut) your hair?
do you cut
__________(you/listening) to me?
Are you listening
She_____________(not/like) Italian food
doesn't like
We_______(not/drink/usually) coffee in the morning.
don't usually drink
She _____________(have) a shower at the moment.
is having