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EF pre - revision for the final test

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This book ___________(write) in 1985.
was written
_____________(you/take) the dog for a walk yesterday?
Did you take
If I ___________(be) you, I would go to Sweden.
_____________(you/hear) the news? No, not yet.
Have you heard
What _____________(you/do) if it rains tomorrow?
will you do
Tommy _______________(clean) his room twice a week.
He _____________(go) to France 3 times.
has been
They _______________(not go) to the theatre yesterday.
didn't go
Granny ______________(cook) dinner when Sally arrived, so she offered to help.
was cooking
Sam and Kate ___________(buy) a new house next month.
are going to buy
I think It ________(rain) next week.
will rain
They left the cinema because they __________________(see) the film before.
had seen
Kevin ______________(have) a beard but now he doesn't have it.
used to have
This room __________(clean) on Tuesdays.
is cleaned
Sarah _____________(read) a book at the moment.
is reading