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What month is your teacher's birthday in?
What excerises can you use sensors for?
Swimming, running, walking, etc...
What website can you put your records on?
You can put them on nikeplus.com
What does the Nike sensor record?
How fast you run, how far you run, how long you run.
Where do you put the Nike sensor?
You put it in your left shoe.
What is the new technology that Nike is using called?
It is called Nike+
Name 4 fruits
apples, bananas, grapes, melons
Name 4 vegetables
carrots, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes
What can save Detroit?
Farms can.
What do they want to grow in Detroit's empty spaces?
Fruites and vegetables
What is one of Detroit's serious problems?
No jobs, air not clean, many empty places
What city is using farms to save it?
When trying to find someone. What information do you need?
You need to know what they look like (person's information)
What is a stranger?
It is someone that you do not know.
Who did the boy think the stranger was in "Surprise!"?
He thought it was his friend Sarah.
Describe what your best friend looks like.
Body type, hair style, hair colour, eye colour