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Mixed Conditionals

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If you __________________ (be) sensible, you ______________ (not /speak) to your boss like that.
were, wouldn't have spoken
If she ________________ (study) hard, she ______________ (pass) the exams tomorrow.
had studied, would pass
If they _______________ (miss) their flight, they _______________ (arrive) today.
hadn't missed, would arrive
If Sue __________________ (not forget) to go to the bank, she ______________ (be able to) go shopping now.
hadn't forgotten, would be able to
If he ______________________ (reserve) a table, he _______________(not / have to) wait for an hour.
had reserved, wouldn't have to
If I __________________ (buy) tickets, we ________________(can) go to the theatre tonight.
had bought, could
If the driver ____________ (be) careful, he ______________ (not crash) his car into a wall.
was/were, wouldn't have crashed
If they ______________ (take) a map with them, they __________________( not be lost) now.
had taken, wouldn't be lost
He ______________ (be) at the lecture if he ________________ (be told) about it.
would be, had been told
If I ______________ (know) them very well, I ________________ (go) to the party.
knew, would have gone
If we ______________ (like) fast food, we __________________ (go) to the restaurant.
liked, would have gone
If she ________________ (bring) her umbrella, she ___________________ (not get) wet now.
had brought, wouldn't be getting
If she _________________ (be) well-qualified, she _____________ (get) the job.
was/were, would have got
If you ____________________ (wake up/me), I _________________ (be) late for my appointment now.
had woken me up, wouldn't be late