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Do you like c_____? Yes, I do
She likes rice and carrots but she _____ like mushrooms and chicken
In this box of vegetables there are onions, mushrooms, peppers and c_______.
The gorilla is _______ the tree and the rock.
What animal is this? It's a ______
This is a _______. It isn't dangerous. It is f______
monkey / funny
Where's the snake? It's _____ the rock
It's under the rock
Is he strong? ____, ___ ____ .
Yes, he is.
Is the king tall? ___, ___ ______
No, he isn't
Is there a spy? No, ______ ____
No, there isn't
Is there a princess? Yes, ____ ___
Yes, there is
What's she doing? ____ ________ __ _______
She's having a drink
He's got a b_____ and a m________.
beard / moustache
Has she got curly hair? ___, she _____.
Yes, she has.
What colour are Dad's socks? They are _____ and ___.
green / red
Is it a ________? Yes, it is.
Is it a bookcase? No, it isn't. It's a ____
Have you got a bin? ___, ____ ________.
No, I haven't.
Have you got a cushion? ____, __ ______.
Yes, I have.
This is a _________. Is he old? _____, ____ ____ .
wizard. Yes, he is.
Can she play the flute? ____, ____ ______
No, she can't
There are v_____________
There are vegetables
Has she got a ponytail? ___ , ___ ______
No, she hasn't
What's she doing? She's _________ an ice cream.
She's buying an ice cream