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Rooftops 5 - End of year review

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What’s this?
This is a hankerchief
What’s this?
This is a waistcoat
What are the frequency adverbs?
Never, sometimes, usually, always
Yesterday, Peter ... to school
There were ...
There was a ...
What time is it?
It’s quarter past one
What time is it?
It’s five to five
Where is she from?
She’s Brazilian
Where are they from?
They’re French
What country is it?
What country is it?
The UK
What number is it?
What number is it?
What day is it today?
It’s the twenty-third of November
What’s the weather like?
It’s foggy
What’s the weather like?
It’s snowing
In the morning, I ...
Make my bed
My brother never ...
Takes the dog for a walk
I always ... at 7 o’clock
Wake up
Sam is ... Tom
Shorter than
The motorcycle is ...
The fastest.
To go to New York, you have to ... or boat.
Go by plane
In the past, .... a big castle.
There was
What’s her job?
She’s a librarian
What’s his job?
He’s a tour guide
The detective ... a clue to the mystery.
Last night, she ... a story.
What is this?
What are these?