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Usually, with a spoon. Or you can wait for global warming to do it.
How do you break the ice?
Yes, I did. Fair and square!
Did you win... (the game / the race)?
Chocolate, although I prefer milkshakes.
What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
Yes, I spent the afternoon walking through the park.
Did you go out yesterday?
Yes, I broke my last one.
Is this a new phone?
No, I've just finished watching the third episode. It's great!
Have you finished the last season of The Mandalorian?
Indigo and six others.
What are the colors of a rainbow?
I didn't have enough credit.
Why didn't you buy ... / Why didn't you call me yesterday?
A ball and special boots.
What equipment do you need to play football?
Twice a day in summer, once a month in winter.
How often do you have ice cream / have a shower / shave your legs?
I don't have one, but absolutely NOT pineapple!
What's your favourite pizza topping / fruit?
Seven and a half! Can you believe that?
What did you take in your last test? / What's your shoe size?
Usually, my pen. But sometimes, my phone.
What do you use to write / take notes / cheat in a test?
Yesterday. Why?
When did you (last)...?
I'll be 17 in January
How old are you? / When will you be 17?