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WHII.13a-c Contemporary World Review

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What does not obey political boundaries, causing international problems?
What international organization loans out money to developing nations?
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
What international organization gives its members a common currency and free trade for member nations?
European Union (EU)
What international organization is designed to promote free trade around the globe?
World Trade Organization (WTO)
What international organization promotes free trade among Canada, the US, and Mexico?
What is a multinational corporation and what is an example of one?
A company in more than one nation. Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, GE, etc.
What international organization was created to promote peace throughout the world?
The United Nations
What does "independence" mean?
Relying on others and them relying on you
Which of the following is highest in a developed nation? Famine, migration of people, poverty, literacy, population growth
What is the difference between a developed and developing nation?
An advanced or "simple" economy, high vs. low standards of living, high vs. low political rights, etc.
What type of economies generally result in more political freedom and high standards of living for its citizens?
Capitalist/Free market
What are guest workers?
People who migrate to another country to work.
What is genetic engineering and why are some people unsure of this new advancement?
Using genes from one organism to influence another to create a more desireable organism (bigger/faster growing food). Unsure of long term effects.
What region of the world experienced the Bosnian Genocide where Muslims were targeted?
The Balkans/Balkans Peninsula
What region of the world has a large problem with piracy and extreme poverty?
Somalia/Horn of Africa
What nation owns the region of Northern Ireland and how are some groups trying to push them out?
United Kingdom; terrorist attacks (car bombs, threats, etc.)
What type of problems/conflict are typical in South Asia today?
Unstable region/Human trafficking
What type of problems/conflict are typical in the Middle East today?