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Multisyllabic Words

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Whose surfboard is this?
It's Pikachu's surfboard.
Whose parachute is this?
It's Mario's parachute.
Whose shoes are these?
They're Sonic's shoes.
Whose dog is it?
It's the skeleton's dog.
Whose bananas are these?
They're the monkey's bananas.
Whose piano is this?
It's the chicken's piano.
What do these symbols mean?
Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication
Whose jack-o-lantern is this?
It's the girl's jack-o-lantern.
Whose eyepatch is this?
It's the alligator's eyepatch.
Whose baby is this?
It's the baby's kangaroo.
Whose watermelon is this?
It's the dog's watermelon.
Whose dress is this?
It's Cinderella's dress.
Whose lawnmower is this?
It's the man's lawnmower.
Whose gloves are these?
They're Sandy's gloves.
Whose clarinet is this?
It's Squidward's clarinet.
Whose trumpet is this?
It's Patrick's trumpet.
Whose glasses are these?
They are Spongebob's glasses.