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Valentine's Day Quiz

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He ____________ me last night and ____________ lovely words. (call/say)
called / said
I ___________ the ring on her finger after she ___________ 'yes!'.
put / said
I ____________ a diamond ring from the jewellery shop.
He ___________ me a heart-shaped ______________ for Valentine's.
gave / balloon
We __________ __________ to each other on Whatsapp every night for half an hour. (adverb of frequency)
usually/normally chat/speak/talk/message
She _____________ me that she loved me! (tell)
We __________ love messages to each other all last night.
The first time I _________ her, I __________ in love with her!
saw / fell
I ___________ a Valentines card this morning.
sent / posted
When we ___________ to Paris last year, he ___________ me to marry him!
went / asked
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is _________, and so are you! xx
She ___________ me a teddy __________ for Valentine's Day.
gave / bear
She ____________ me a love letter every day for two weeks!
Two love birds __________ when we ___________ each other under the tree last Saturday.
sang / kissed
He __________ me a _______ of _______________ for Valentine's.
gave / box / chocolates
You sometimes give a _________ on Valentine's Day.
He _______ me ____________ on Valentine's Day. (give)
gave / flowers
Lucy _________ me last night.
They ___________ hands all afternoon. They are very much in ____________. (hold)
held / love
A red ________ is the _______________ flower to give on Valentine's Day. (popular superlative)
rose / most popular
Your heart is __________ ___________ when you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. (adverb of frequency / past participle)
sometimes/usually/always / broken
You can ____________ a special heart-shaped __________ for your loved one.
bake / cake
Valentine's day is celebrated on _____________.
February 14th
The Roman god of love who has wings, carries a bow and shoots arrows at people to make them fall in love with each other is called ___________.