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Halloween Quiz

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What is your favorite Halloween candy?
 Kit Kat
 Reese Peanut Butter Cup
True or False: A Pumpkin is a fruit?
True, Because it has seeds
What animal is a symbol of bad luck? It is a witches pet.
 A black cat
 A cute dog
What three items would you take with you if you had to spend the night in a haunted house?
flash light, candy, sleeping bag, blanket, water, my dog, pillow, a friend
What do witches cook in their cauldrons?
 Potions or spells
 Tomato Soup
What are the 3 colors of a candy corn?
 Yellow, orange, white
 Purple, Pink, Red
What is the name of a Mexican festival celebrated to remember loved ones who have died?
 Day of the Dead/Dia De Los Muertos
 St. Patrick's Day
What is the most popular Halloween candy?
 Candy Corn
What season is Halloween in?
What day is Halloween?
 October 31st
 February 14th
What monsters come out when the moon is full?
 A Spider
I am wrapped in white bandages. What am I dressed as?
 A mummy
 A Witch
What is a skeleton made of?
Where do vampires sleep?
 In coffins
 A bunk bed
In which country did Halloween originate?
Who is this famous character?
 Sonic The Hedgehog
What's this place?
 A haunted house
 A school
What’s the name of the most famous vampire?
 Scooby Doo
What do children say when they knock on doors to get sweets?
 Trick or treat
 I want candy!
What are pumpkins called after we carve them?
 Jack O Lanterns
 Orange Lanterns
What do people wear on Halloween?
What do witches fly on?
 A broom
 A magic carpet