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What do we call this symbol?
Skull and crossbones
Some potions are p.... which means they can make you very sick
Witches like to b.... potions
In what country is Dracula's Transylvania home located?
Is he scared or scary?
He's scary!
The whole body is called 'skeleton.' But what is the head bone called?
Where do vampires sleep?
Vampires sleep in coffins!
True or False: Frankenstein is a monster.
False! Frankenstein was the scientist.
What country celebrates Dia de los Muertos at midnight on October 31?
What food repels vampires?
What do witches brew? It starts with P....
They brew potions.
When is Halloween?
It's October 31st.
What is this spooky place?
It's a haunted house!
The tradition of wearing costumes for Halloween began in what country?
What is this popular Halloween costume?
A mummy!
What is this popular Halloween decoration?
A skeleton!
What is this popular Halloween costume?
A vampire!
What is this popular Halloween costume?
A witch!
What is this popular Halloween costume?
A ghost!
What is the British word for candy?
What is this? *Be careful with your pronunciation!*
It's chocolate!
At Halloween, we like to _________ pumpkins.
At Halloween, we like to CARVE pumpkins.
Is he scared or scary?
He's scared!
When you wear a mask or different clothes to be someone/something else, you are wearing a ______.
What do children say to ask for candy? (In English!)
What is this AND why/how do witches use them?
It's a broomstick. Witches use them to fly!
What are these?
They are bones.
What is this? *Be careful, it’s different with a face!*
It's a jack-o-lantern!
What is this?
It's a graveyard / cemetery. 
What is this?
It's a pumpkin!
This not a real animal. It's a mix between a really big scary dog and a human.
It's a werewolf!
This Halloween was Harry's pet (Harry Potter)
It's an owl!
This black Halloween animal is considered to be bad luck.
It's a black cat!
This Halloween animal has 8 legs.
It's a spider!
This Halloween animal is like a bird that flies at night
It's a bat!