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Future Perfect vs Future Continuous

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By the end of the trip she __________________(travel) more than 3000 miles.
will have travelled
Do you think you _____________(still do) the same job in ten years' time?
will still be doing
If you need to contact me, I __________________(stay) at the Lion Hotel until Friday.
will be staying
The world _______________ (use up) all its oil reserves by the middle of the twenty-first century.
will have used up
A month from now, Sue and Richard _______________ (get) married in a small church in Spain.
will be getting
By the end of next week, Sam _______________ (forget) the names of the people he met at the party.
will have forgotten
This time next year, we _______________ (lie) on a beach somewhere in Brazil.
will be lying
If we don’t work harder, we _______________ (not complete) this exercise by the end of the lesson.
won't have completed
A hundred years from now, people _______________ (share) their homes with robots.
will be sharing
In the future, Tom hopes he _______________ (work) as an engineer for a large construction company.
will be working
The world’s population _______________ (reach) 10 billion by 2050, some scientists claim.
will have reached
Tomorrow afternoon we're going to play tennis from 3 o'clock until 4.30. So at 4 o'clock we _______________(play) tennis.
will be playing
Phone me after 8 o'clock. We _______________(finish) dinner by then.
will have finished
We're late. The film _______already_________________(start) by the time we get to the cinema.
will have already started
Our best player is injured and he __________________(not play) in the game on Saturday.
won't be playing
Don't phone between 7 and 8. We __________________(have) dinner.
will be having
This time next week I __________________(swim) in the sea.
will be swimming