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What is (objectively) the best county in England?
Where did Emily live in Brazil?
Who gets free flights like this one?
Who used to ride a motorbike?
Who walked the south coast of England with only a backpack and camped in fields along the way?
Stephen went on holiday to this country. Where did he go?
One of the teachers visited this place during the last month. Can you guess who and where it is?
Stephen: English theatre
Can you guess who owns this dog? Does anyone know the dogs name?
Stephen: Aero
Who drove this car across country? What country was it?
Sylvia: Canada
This lake is in one of the countries that one of the teachers lived in before coming to Portugal. Can you guess which teacher and what country?
Sylvia: Canada
In what year did Niall visit Portugal before and where did he go? Bonus: Why did he visit before?
2015, Albufeira for his Mum's 60th birthday.
Which teacher painted this picture? Bonus: Who is the person in the picture?
Niall Frida Kahlo
In what year did Niall move to South Korea?
What sport does Ayrton like to play? Who is he with in this picture?
He likes to play golf. Tiger Woods.
Why do Italian people know who Ayrton is, even though he has never been to Italy?
He appeared in a yoghurt advert there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcb9I6iI8B8
Which teacher is associated with these things and why?
Ayrton is 'from' these four countries: France, South Africa, Portugal and Brazil
Who appeared on TV in Brazil (Bonus: why)?
Caitriona was on TV for a St Patrick's day festival in Brazil.
Who is this kissing a stone and why is she doing it?
Caitriona kissed the Blarney stone to get 'the gift of the gab' (to learn how to talk well).
What kind of dancing did you see and who showed you?
Caitriona showed you Irish dancing.
This is Seri's favourite holiday destination. Do you know where it is?
Cape Town
Seri showed you some traditional attire. Can you remember what colours they are normally and why they would wear headscarves?
White with either brown or black. As a sign of respect or celebration.
Who comes from a country with banknotes like this?
Ayrton and Seri