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Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous

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He is completely exhausted. He ________________ (climb) for a few hours.
has been climbing
Look! The kids ____________________________ (decorate) the Christmas tree.
have decorated
The glass is still full. He _______________________ (not drink) his beer yet.
has not drunk
Mary _______________________ (clean) her flat all day and she is exhausted.
has been cleaning
Santa __________________ (wrap) all the presents and now he is going to give them to children.
has wrapped
My neighbours _______________________ (build) a nice house in the mountains.
have built
Kate __________________ (work) in the garden all the morning.
has been working
JK Rowling ____________________ (write) the series of Harry Potter books.
has written
Look at this wall. Someone _______________ (paint) a beautiful picture on it.
has painted
What a mess! Someone ____________________ (paint) here.
has been painting
Mum will be angry. My sister ________________ (not wash) the dishes.
has not washed
Look at the table. Mum _________ a lot of cookies!
has made/has baked
Why is the girl wet? She _____________________ (play) in the rain.
has been playing
He is so happy. He ________________________ (win) the race.
has won
Why is she so tired? She ____________________________ (run) .
has been running