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Banking and Budgeting

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Out of the sandwiches pictured here, which do you think would be a healthier choice? Why?
Answers vary
True or False: it is more economical (a better value) to buy your own groceries and eat at home.
What nutrient is chicken an excellent source of?
You want to buy a ticket to see a movie. It costs $8.00. You also want to buy a small popcorn for $5.00 and candy for $5.00. You have $20.00. Do you have enough money?
Yes! Enjoy
SUPER CHALLENGE QUESTION: 1) How much does a hamburger, french fries, and medium coke cost if you bought each one separately? 2) How much is the meal if you buy all 3 things together by ordering the #3?
Answer 1- $6.35 Answer 2- $6.35
How much is a cheeseburger?
How much is a small soda on this menu?
What does it mean if something is a good value
when something is a good price, when one brand is cheaper than other brands, when a store has better prices than another, etc.
What does it mean when you do price comparisons?
Answers vary...but it is when you take an item and see how much it costs at different stores
Give 2 examples of a variable expense?
Buying a video game, going out to the movies, getting a pair of new shoes,
Give 2 examples of a fixed expense?
Rent, Utility bills like electricity, gas, phone, cable TV, gym membership
True or False; A variable expense varies or changes each month.
True or False: A Fixed Expense stays the same every month
What will your pay rate be when you are working at Oliver's Market
$15.00 per-hour
True or False: Earnings and Income mean the same thing
What is an expense?
Something you spend your money on
What is the person that works at the bank called?
The bank teller
When you say to the bank teller, "what is my balance please?", what are you asking them?
You are asking them how much money do you have in your account
Name at least 2 examples of utilities?
Electricity, gas, garbage, water, phone
What is a withdrawal?
Taking money out of the bank
What is a deposit?
Putting money IN the bank