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Where are they?
They are at the restaurant. (What are they eating?)
Tell me about your favorite super hero.
What do you see?
Soccer ball, football, baseball, basketball. (What's your favorite sport?)
What can you see?
Ocean, sea, water, trees, treasure, boat etc.
What can you see?
Police officer, criminal, robber, money, helicopter, train etc.
Where is she?
She's at the library.
What's he eating?
He's eating popcorn. (Where is he?)
What food can you see?
Pizza, sandwich, cake, cheese etc.
What animals can you see?
Lion, giraffe, tiger and elephant.
That's a ______.
That's a lion. (How does the man feel?)
She's a ______.
She's a nurse.
He's a ______.
He's a doctor.
Are they police officers?
No, they aren't. They are firefighters.
He's a ______.
He's a police officer.
What's on the table?
Apple, carrot, orange, pineapple etc.
What can you see?
I can see a ghost, pumpkins, a skeleton, trees, haunted house etc.