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Past Simple/Past Continuous

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The basketball player ______________(catch) the ball and _____________(throw) it to another player.
caught, threw
My sister was sad because she ______________(not win) her tennis match.
didn't win
Yesterday at 4 o'clock he_______________(play) football in the park.
was playing
Dad _____________(repair) the car while mum ____________(cook) dinner.
was repairing, was cooking
We ______________(watch) a film when our guests _______________(arrive).
were watching, arrived
Sue _________________(smile) as she ________________(read) Mary's letter.
was smiling, was reading
We______________(watch) televison when the telephone ____________(ring).
were watching, rang
I ________________(walk) home when I ___________(see) Paul.
was walking, saw
When you _______________(see) Clare at the party, what _____________(she / wear)?
saw, was she wearing
____________________(you / visit) Jane and Keith when you __________________(go) to Wales last month?
Did you visit, went
Sandra __________________(not watch) her bag and someone ________________(steal) it.
wasn't watching, stole
______________(you / drive) too quickly when the accident _________________(happen)?
were you driving, happened
The postman _________________(deliver) a letter when a cat __________(attack) him.
was delivering, attacked
My little brother ________________(eat) three biscuits while our mum ___________(not look) at him.
ate, wasn't looking
It ______________(rain) when I ______________(leave) the house this morning.
was raining, left
He _______________(drop) his money when he _____________(run) for the bus.
dropped, was running
My unlce ___________(break) his nose when he ___________(play) basketball.
broke, was playing