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Name 5 words related to weather
Are you on cloud nine?
Name 5 irregular past participles
Oh yeah!
Name 5 irregular verbs
Good for you!
Name 5 drinks.
Name 5 activities you can do at home.
There is no place like home!
Name 5 farm animals.
Make sure you take the bull by the horns!
Name 5 family members.
Like father, like son.
Name 5 pieces of furniture.
Try not to have your memory like a sieve!
Name 5 things beginning with 'A'.
Name 5 vehicles.
All roads lead to Rome.
Name 5 sea animals.
Under the sea!
Name 5 jobs.
You're learning the ropes!
Name 5 rooms in the house.
Home sweet home.
Name 5 kinds of weather.
Hello Sunshine!
Name 5 sports.
Keep fit!
Name 5 items of clothing.
Great wardrobe!
Name 5 things in the kitchen.
Name 5 countries.
Citizen of the world!
Name 5 things that start with 'E'.
Name 5 wild animals.
Beautiful in the wild!
Name 5 feelings
It is healthy to express them.
Name 5 fruits
Name 5 vegetables
Eat your greens!