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Andrew Clement's Frindle Review

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Mrs. Granger taught Nick in the ____________ grade.
Which period was Mrs. Granger's class?
Seventh period
Who was a reporter of the Westfield Gazette?
 Judy Morgan
Who was the girl who participated with Nick to interrupt the class in fourth grade?
Janet Fisk
What was Nick’s 4th grade teacher?
Mrs. Avery
What was the principal of Nick's school?
 Mrs. Chatham
What rude thing did Nick do to his fourth grade teacher?
 Nick said, "Peep!" during class
What is Mrs. Granger's first name?
What is a frindle?
The word Nick created to substitute for the word, 'Pen'.
True or False. Mrs. Granger believed in Nick all along.
How did Nick earn a large amount of money?
His dad sold the trademark of the word "frindle"
When Mrs. Granger kept Nick after school, what did she have him sign?
A sealed envelope.
Who came to Nick's home to talk to his parents?
Mrs. Chatham, the principal.
How many students stayed after school with Mrs. Granger for asking her to borrow a frindle?
What did Mrs. Granger say would happen if anyone used the word "frindle"?
They would have to write a sentence 100 times
How many kids signed the oath to call a pen a frindle?
In chapter six, why did Nick and Janet Fisk miss the bus?
They had a school newspaper meeting.
What resource did Nick use to do his report on dictionaries?
A dictionary and encyclopedia.
What was Mrs. Granger's 'Battle Cry'?
"Look it up!"