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"Needn't Have" or "Didn't Need To"

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You _______________________ (buy) me a newspaper. I’ve already got one!
needn't have bought
When the party was over, I realized that you __________ (cook) so much food as most of it was untouched.
needn’t have cooked
It started raining heavily so I ____________ (water) the flowers.
didn’t need to water
It was my day off yesterday, that’s why I __________ (get up) early.
didn’t need to get up
You __________ (say) anything to Carla about the broken vase. She understood what had happened anyway.
needn't have said
The car wasn’t dirty. You __________________ (wash) it.
needn't have washed
Our boss told us we had an extra three days to finish the project so we __________ (work) so hard.
didn't need to work
We went for a lovely walk in the woods yesterday. We took a huge picnic with us but there was a café there anyway. We __________ (take) anything!
needn't have taken
Today was the last day of school and we __________ (attend) classes in the afternoon.
didn't need to attend
Oh Mike, you __________ (buy) me anything for my birthday! A simple card would have been perfectly acceptable.
needn't have bought
Sheila __________ (walk) to the party. I would have given her a lift in my car.
needn't have walked
I __________ (pay) any money at the museum. It was free to enter.
didn't need to pay