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Do I always have to provide answers?
How can I provide for discussion?
Well, it is possible.
Can other teachers use my games?
Where do I get pictures for the picture questions?
Well.... it's a bit complicated...
Can I use pictures to ask questions?
How do I find games I need?
Press "GAMES" and search the website
Can I edit other teachers' games?
Unfortunately, no!
Can I edit my games?
Yes, go to MY GAMES and press "QUESTIONS"
Can I use other people's games?
My YLs get too upset if they lose points because of the power ups.
Use the "QUIZ" mode
Can I set it as homework?
Yes. Choose "STUDY" option and share the link with your students
How many teams can play the game?
Can students create their own games?
Yes, but they will need to register.
Do the students have to register?
No, if they only play the games.
Does a teacher have to register?
Is it free?