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Modules 3-4 + Glossary

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Opposites, Pictures and drawings, Definitions, TPR Order these ways of conveying the meaning of a word from the easiest to the most difficult.
pictures, TPR, opposites, definitions
Synonyms ,Opposites - which one is easier for 5-6 -year-olds when conveying the meaning of the word?
Synonyms ,Opposites, Pictures and drawings, Realia, Dramatization, Definition, Self-defining context, TPR, Parts of words / affixation What are these?
Ways to convey meaning of the word
Show, flash, reveal, spy, - what are they?
4 techniques to use flashcards
Teacher: Listen and clap your hands if the verb is pronounced with /id/ at the end. What stage is it?
Aural recognition
What's the order of practice activities?
drills, controlled, semi-controlled (freer)
First instructions, ...
... then handouts
When learners are encouraged to respond with actions before words, it's called ...
What does ICQs stand for?
instruction checking questions
What's affective filter?
This is an imaginary wall that is placed between a learner and language input.
What interaction pattern is used in the FSW activity (offline mode)?
MFP - is this order for presenting grammar or vocabulary?
In which order do you present vocabulary? MPF or MFP?
What does MFP stand for?
meaning form pronunciation