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Correct the mistake: You liked the book?
Did you like the book?
Correct the mistake: Pablo already has finished his homework
Pablo has already finished his homework
Correct the mistake: Fiona never has been to London
Fiona has never been to London
I (go) with my parents to Disneyland three years ago, and I (meet) Mickey, Daisy and Snow White
went, met
Maddie and Vera have been friends since/for they were in primary school
My parents have had their parrot, Sid, for 24 years. Correct or incorrect?
Did Jessica went to the party yesterday?
Incorrect. Did Jessica go to the pasty yesterday?
I already saw that film. Correct or incorrect?
Incorrect. I've already seen
Where (you/go) for your holiday last summer?
did you go
This week we didn't watch (any/some) Tv
The teacher is a nightmare. She gives us (too much/too many) homework
too much
This soup tastes awful! There isn't (too much/enough) salt in it.
It's too hot in here. I think I (open) the window
will open
Modal verbs. You can take part in the extra school activities if you want, but they aren't obligatory. You ______________
don't have to
Modal verbs. If you are sick, you __________ drink coffee and eat donuts
Do you think you (get) any cool presents for your next birthday?
will get
Next Sunday we (visit) my cousin in Greece
are going to
Look at that man driving so fast! He (crash) into the lamppost
is going to
Next year I (start) secondary school
I'm going to start
I/not finish/my homework yet
I haven't finished my homework yet
Has Barbara ever eaten lobster?
Teresa often (go) to the library on Mondays
Superlative adjectives. Did you know that the mosquito is (dangerous) animal on earth?
the most dangerous
Comparative adjectives. Your recipe looks tasty, but mine is (healthy) than yours
Comparative adjectives. In my opinion, Burger King is (good) than MacDonalds
I was watching Tv last night when the doorbell rang - which tenses are mentioned here?
Past Continuous and Past Simple
Thomas and Pricila are going to start their own company - which tense is this?
Future Going to
I don't think we'll win the match tomorrow - which tense is this?
Future Will
Did Lola come to the last lesson? No, she didn't - which tense is this?
Past Simple
You lot aren't paying attention to anything I'm saying! - which tense is this?
Present Continuous
They've lived there for 6 years - which tense is this?
Present Perfect
Have you ever been to Poland? - What tense is this?
Present Perfect
Does Sally like salami? - What tense is this?
Present simple