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Mad Gab

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Us My Leaf Ace
A smiley face
May Pulls Ear Up
Maple syrup
Doll Arson Since
Dollars and cents
Broth Errands Hissed Her
Brother and sister
Eight Roost Oar He
A true story
Haul May Die Scream
Homemade ice cream
Abe An An Appeal
A banana peel
Knoll Heft Earn
No left turn
Muff Heater Gold
My feet are cold
Ache Arf Own
A car phone
Ape Arrow Handles
A pair of sandals
Dawn Jury Member
Don't you remember?
Stay Cows
Steak House
Watt Sap Inning
What's happening?
Hits Release Add
It's really sad
Eight Ale Huff Honk Awe
A telephone call.
Faye Stew Phase
Face to face
Cough He Anchor Ream
Coffee and cream
Ache Ham Pent Rip
A camping trip
Piece Sun-up Odd
Peas in a pod
Juke Awe Mine Aim
Did you call my name?
Ape Arrows Uncle As His
A pair of sunglasses
May Kick Wick
Make it quick
Dump Hick Yearn Hose
Don't pick your nose
They Bees Ease
The ABCs
Weenie Thumb Honey
We need the money
Tail Meow
Tell me how
Us Cooled Each Her
A school teacher
Depot Stall Fizz
The post office
Amen Ask Hurt
A mini skirt
Abe Lude Her Douse
A bluebird house
Toe Stand Gel He
Toast and jelly
Age Happen He Scar
A Japanese car
Ace Women Pull
A swimming pool
Fur Stings Versed
First things first
Sand Tackle Laws
Santa Claus
Up Rinse Amp Rinses
A prince and princess
Eighty Part Mints Tore
A department store
Aim Odors High Gull
A motorcycle
Eight Hoist Oar
A toy store
Meek Came How's
Mickey Mouse