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  • Personal Pronouns
    To revise the use of personal pronouns and adjectives.
  • marjemee
  • Classics and Banned Books
    Match the quotes from classic literature and books on the ALA Banned Books list
  • Texas Trivia
    Facts about the state of Texas, USA
  • Know Your Idioms
    Given an idiom, say what it means.
  • Present Simple vs Present Continuous
    Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs. A perfect exercise for ESL students.
  • Ger56
  • Present Perfect or Past Simple?
    How to use the present perfect and the past simple.
  • marjemee
  • Country Landmarks
    Name the countries where these landmarks are found.
  • Rooms & Furniture
    Questions about homes and houses for elementary students.
  • Simon
  • Human Body Trivia
    Answer general questions about the human body.
  • Simon
  • Tech Icons
    Can you identify these computer icons?
  • MsB
  • Advertising Quiz
    Give the word from the definition provided
  • UK Rocks
    Geography game based on rocks (rock type, formation, texture etc)
  • Mr Mortimer
  • Digestion
    This game is for the revising of topics related to digestion.
  • RonelUJ
  • To or -ing?
    Can you guess the correct verb form?
  • Dynamic or Stative Verbs
    Given a statement, say whether it's dynamic or stative (Y7-1B)
  • Causatives
    Causatives Quiz - B2 Level
  • Superstitions Quiz
    This game is all about beliefs in supernatural events. Don't be unlucky!
  • Countable or Uncountable?
    Practice using there is / there are / some / any, etc.
  • hakan
  • Basic Jobs
    Guess the job from the attached images
  • Nipitiri
  • Simple Superlatives
    Grammar quiz about using basic superlatives.
  • Phil
  • Clothes Quiz
    Guess the clothing items in the pictures
  • Nipitiri
  • I don't GET it!
    Vocab using the word 'get'... PRE-INT
  • Mr_Boff
  • Nouns: Person, Place or Thing
    Students will identify nouns using pictures. is it a person, a place or a thing? (Elementary)
  • Opposite Adjectives
    From a list of adjectives, which two are opposites?
  • Anu
  • What kind of word?
    Adjectives, verbs, nouns, prepositions - which one is it?
  • siforcat
  • Troublesome Prepositions
    Correct usage of in, on, at.
  • Irregular Verb Forms
    Give two forms of the verb shown.
  • What's that Sign?
    Use "must" or "mustn't" to describe what these signs mean.
  • siforcat
  • American Civil War
    Questions relating to the American Civil War.
  • Ms. Nelson
  • Word Scramble: Jobs
    Guess the job titles from scrambled letters. Great for elementary/intermediate students as a warmer for lessons about jobs and careers!
  • Pedro H