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  • When he didn’t understand the instructions, the student asked the teacher to clarify them. What does clarify mean in this sentence? remove, call, or explain?
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  • The twins like to CONFUSE their parents by switching places at the dinner table. What does confuse mean in this sentence? hide from, mix up, or try out?
    Mix up
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  • Elisha tried to ENTERTAIN her guests with a movie, but everyone got bored. What does entertain mean in this sentence? bore, amuse, or talk to?
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  • The man walked down the long corridor in the dark building. What does corridor mean in this sentence? table, fan, or hall?
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  • My sister’s eyes resemble our mother’s eyes. What does resemble mean? run like or look like?
    Look like
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  • The stars were brilliant in the clear night sky. What does Brilliant mean? dim, walking, or bright?
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  • Our class has a strategy for raising money for our class party. What does strategy mean? guess, door or plan?
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  • The boy always minded his mother's rules. He was so obedient. What does obedient mean? Does what he's told, disrespectful or quiet?
    Does what he's told
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