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TEENS Review Unit 3

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  • My grandad ______ have a television at home.
    don't used to
    didn't use to
    didn't used to
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  • I _______ be much more emotional, but I've learned to self-regulate my feelings.
    used to
    didn't use to
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  • When I was a kid, me and my sisters _____ play with Lego every weekend.
    use to
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  • At school, the other kids _____ make fun of me.
    use to
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  • What ______ do in summer when you were younger?
    did you would
    did you used to
    did you use to
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  • Where _____ go to the gym when you lived in Ruzafa?
    did you use to
    did you used
    would you
    you would
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  • He _____ his girlfriend while he was working in Madrid.
    was meeting
    were meeting
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  • I _________ when I noticed that I _______ any shoes.
    walked to school / wasn't wearing
    walked to school / didn't wear
    was walking to school / didn't wear
    was walking to school / wasn't wearing
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  • She sat down and ______ her book.
    was opening
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  • I _____ a shower when someone broke into my apartment and stole my television.
    would have
    used to have
    was having
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  • I have failed almost all my exams. I am going to ____ and start studying much more.
    cook the books
    turn over a new leaf
    be an open book
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  • Some managers of that company have to go to prison for financial fraud.
    They read lots of books.
    They are in the police's good books.
    They cooked the books.
    They are like an open book.
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  • I ______ . I know what she thinks and how she feels. She doesn't even have to tell me.
    can read my best friend as an open book
    am on the same page as my best friend
    can bring my best friend to book
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  • When I was five years old I _____ chocolate ice cream.
    don't use to like
    used to love
    was loving
    would love
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  • Last week we _____ to McDonald's, and we _____ to pay for our Happy Meal.
    went / forgot
    used to go / would forget
    were going / were forgetting
    were going / forgot
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  • What _____ your favourite tv show when you were younger?
    was being
    use to be
    would be
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  • When I came home, my dog _____ in the living room.
    would pee
    used to pee
    was peeing
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  • I ______ to work when I ______ a 500 euro note on the pavement.
    was walking / used to find
    was walking / found
    used to walk / found
    walked / found
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