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Love Idioms

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    Valentines Day Idioms
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  • To be single and ready to meet a potential partner.
    To be single and ready to mingle!
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  • To get married to someone.
    To get hitched
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  • To be really sad after the break-up or loss of a loved one.
    To be heart-broken
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  • When two couples go on a date together.
    To go on a double date
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  • To have a crush on someone (informal)
    To fancy someone
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  • The person who someone loves the most.
    To be the apple of someone's eye
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  • To break up with someone
    To dump someone
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  • To decide not to marry someone at the last minute.
    To be jilted at the altar / to jilt someone at the altar
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  • When you go on a date with someone you donโ€™t know.
    A blind date
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  • To marry someone
    To tie the knot
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  • A relationship experiencing problems
    To be on the rocks
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  • To be completely in love with someone
    To be head over heels
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  • Two people who are perfect for each other
    A match made in heaven
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  • To be in love with someone as soon as you see them for the first time
    Love at first sight
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  • To ask someone to marry you
    To pop the question
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