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EP Christmas Trivia

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  • The traditional Christmas tree originated from which country? (Thailand/ Germany/ Mars/ Egypt)
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  • The short version of Christmas is also known as what? (Cmas/ Christ/ Xmas/ Snowday)
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  • What is another name of Santa Claus? (Sandman/ Father Christmas/ Ronald)
    Father Christmas
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  • What does Santa drive to deliver toys on Christmas Eve? (Sleigh/ Bicycle/ Motorbike/ Reindeer)
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  • Where does Santa Claus live? (Texas/ Cambodia/ North pole/ Moon)
    North Pole
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  • Who are Santa’s little helpers at the North Pole? (Elves/ Reindeer/ His wife/ His mom)
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  • What does Santa Claus put in kids’ stockings if they misbehave? (A lump of coal/ A dynamite/ A bowl of soup)
    A lump of coal
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  • How many reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh? (2/ 5/ 9/ 45)
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  • What is the most popular Christmas dinner? (Somtum/ Turkey/ Kanom-Krok/ Phadthai)
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  • Who is one of Santa's reindeer? (Sorapong/ Teacher Nani/ Rudolph/ Teacher Palm)
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