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Guess the means of transport

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    Read a riddle and guess what’s the type of transport they are referring to.
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  • I fly up in the sky and I take you to places in no time. What am I?
    A plane
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  • I only have two wheels, pedals and a handlebar. What am I?
    A bike
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  • I carry lots of people. I pick them up and drop them off. I can travel from city to city. I can travel from block to block. I am a...
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  • It moves on water, and pirates used it in the past to travel. What is it?
    A ship
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  • I may be long. I may be short. My wheels roll only on rails. I am a...
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  • I've got four wheels and four doors. You can sit in the front or back seat. I am a...
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