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Winter Scenarios

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    Winter themed social scenarios for targeting social goals in a large group setting. Predictions, inferences & pragmatics - late elementary
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  • Roey is waiting in line. He is holding a stack of letters. When he gets to the counter, he says "I'd like to buy 10 stamps and mail 10 letters, please." Where is Roey?
    The post office
    The doctor's office
    Miss Sabrina's classroom
    Six Flags
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  • Tyler got into his pajamas, brushed his teeth, and set his alarm clock for the morning. Then he turned out the light and got into bed. What did Tyler do next?
    He went to the park
    He went to sleep
    He put on his fanciest clothes
    He sang a song
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  • Gabby and Dom are on vacation! They are playing in the snow. What might they be wearing?
    Bathing suits
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  • John is at a party and having a great time! He gets to stay up late. Once it turns midnight, everyone at the party cheers. What holiday is it?
    New Year's
    Valentine's Day
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  • Kayla is in the kitchen with her family. Her mom pulls a baking sheet out of the oven. Her mom says, "We have to let these cool down before we decorate them." What are they baking?
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  • Kevin was thankful he was wearing a _____ when he fell off of his bike. Otherwise, he could have hurt his head. What was Kevin wearing?
    A helmet
    A costume
    A scarf
    A tuxedo
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  • Fernando is making something to eat. First, he grabs a bowl. Next, he grabs a box of _____ and pours some in the bowl. Last, he pours in milk. Now he's ready to eat breakfast. What is he eating?
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  • Luis is at a store. He is buying milk, carrots, cheese, chicken, and potato chips. What store is Luis in?
    Pet store
    Grocery store
    Shoe store
    Book store
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  • Luc and his family are very excited! Luc is helping his family put their suitcases in the car. Next, they will drive to the airport. Where are they going?
    They aren't going anywhere
    To Miss Sabrina's house
    On a vacation
    To the dentist
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  • Hamdine is going on a trip with his mom. They are in their seats. Hamdine hears an announcement: "Please buckle your seatbelts and turn off your devices. It is time for take-off." Where is Hamdine?
    In a car
    On a boat
    In a restaurant
    On a plane
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  • Briana is going on a vacation! She is packing her suitcase. She packs flip flops, shorts, bathing suits, and t-shirts. She also makes sure to bring sunscreen. Where might Briana going?
    She's going to the North Pole
    She's staying home
    She's going to school
    She's going to the beach
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  • Andres and his friends are at the the ice skating rink. Everyone is excited, except for Andres. He has never ice skated before. He has heard that some kids can get hurt while ice skating. How might Andres be feeling?
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  • Gabby and Briana are eating lunch. Gabby accidentally spills her yogurt on Briana's shirt! What should Gabby do?
    Gabby should say sorry and try to help Briana clean up
    Gabby should run away
    Gabby should laugh at Briana
    Gabby should cry
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  • Luc is playing with some friends after school. One kid keeps copying everything that Luc says and does. How might Luc be feeling?
    Frustrated or annoyed
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  • John is sitting in a comfy chair reading a book. It is very quiet. Around him, other people are also reading books. Where is John?
    A circus
    The library
    The movie theater
    A museum
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  • Piper is playing board games with her friends. She notices that one of her friends is cheating! How might this make Piper feel?
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  • Hamdine & Luc have been waiting in line for a very long time for a rollercoaster. Suddenly, it starts to rain! The ride attendant says, "Sorry everyone. This ride cannot run in the rain." How might Hamdine & Luc feel?
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  • Kayla and Piper are making cupcakes. First, they mix the ingredients together. Then, they pour the cupcake batter into the cupcake holders. What will they do next?
    Add ketchup and mustard to the cupcakes
    Add salt and pepper to the cupcakes
    Put the cupcakes in the oven
    Put the cupcakes in the garbage
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  • Kevin's dad bought him a present! Kevin is very excited as he opens the box. Inside of the box is a video game that Kevin has wanted for a long time. How might Kevin be feeling?
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  • Your family member gives you a gift! You open it, but inside is a very ugly sweater. The receipt is in the box. What should you do?
    Say "that gift is terrible!"
    Throw the gift in the trash
    Say thanks, & exchange the sweater later for something else
    Say "I don't want this ugly thing"
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  • Luis is on his way to soccer league tryouts! He really wants to make the team. His hands are a little sweaty, and he has butterflies in his stomach. How is Luis feeling?
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