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Christmas Phrasal Verbs

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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Can you choose the right festive phrasal verb in each of these sentences?
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  • It's time to ---- the Christmas Tree
    Put up
    Put over
    Put in
    Put on
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  • Let's ---- the Christmas decorations
    Hang out
    Hand in
    Hang up
    Hang over
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  • Let's ---- the Christmas lights!
    Turn off
    Turn on
    Turn over
    Turn in
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  • Santa will --- the chimney
    Come over
    Come down
    Come in
    Come up
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  • Let's ---- the presents
    Wrap up
    Wrap down
    Wrap over
    Wrap in
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  • What are you going to ----- as for the Christmas party?
    Dress over
    Dress up
    Dress down
    Dress in
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  • He ---- buying his presents until Christmas Eve, he regretted his decision
    Put in
    Put over
    Put out
    Put off
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  • After Christmas we had to ---- the decorations
    Take up
    Take in
    Take down
    Take over
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  • Around Christmas I love to ---- in front of the TV and watch a Christmas movie
    Curl down
    Curl over
    Curl up
    Curl in
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  • Kids, don't ---- too late, Santa is coming, you need to be asleep
    Stay up
    Stay down
    Stay in
    Stay out
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  • At Christmas we all ---- at my Grandma's house
    Meet over
    Meet up
    Meet in
    Meet down
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  • Our family love to ---- to Christmas songs
    Sing along
    Sing down
    Sing up
    Sing with
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  • Everyone's really excited, we're really ----- to Christmas this year
    Looking up
    Looking up
    Looking forward
    Looking down
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  • The children ---- really early because they were so excited
    Woke out
    Woke up
    Woke over
    Woke in
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  • We always --- the TV to see the Queen's Christmas speech
    Turn in
    Turn over
    Turn on
    Turn off
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  • I really hope our family can ---- this Christmas
    Get in
    Get along
    Get up
    Get out
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  • We all sit around the tree and Mum ---- the Christmas presents
    Gives out
    Gives in
    Gives off
    Gives over
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  • After Christmas dinner I was completely ----
    Full in
    Full out
    Full up
    Full over
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