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WHII.12 SOL Review
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  • What three leaders met at the Yalta Conference in 1945 and what was discussed at this meeting?
    FDR, Churchill, and Stalin; Post-war Europe
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  • What two political alliances formed during the Cold War and what nation led each?
    NATO- USA Warsaw Pact- USSR
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  • What was the name for nations that were under Soviet control in eastern Europe?
    Satellite states
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  • Explain how Germany was divided after WWII and include how Berlin was handled as well.
    Germany was divided into 4 zones (US, France, UK, USSR) with East Germany being communist and West Germany being capitalist (democratic). Berlin was similar
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  • Who put forth the idea of containment, what was containment, and in what did he issue his idea?
    President Truman, to stop the spread of communism, and in the Truman Doctrine
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  • Which performs better, a capitalist economy or a communist economy?
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  • What did M.A.D. stand for and explain it.
    Mutually Assured Destruction and it was the idea that if any side launched nukes, both sides would perish as a result (deterrence)
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  • When the Soviet Union was dissolved, how many countries came from it and which was the biggest?
    15 total, with Russia being biggest
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  • Explain the cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis, what it almost caused, and how it was resolved.
    The USSR put nukes in Cuba, the US blockaded Cuba, Soviets viewed this as an act of war, and WWIII almost happened. Resolved when both sides removed missiles
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  • Which side of the Chinese Civil War did Jiang Jieshi lead, what about Mao Zedong, which side did we support, and what was the ultimate result of the civil war?
    Jiang Jieshi= nationalist (democratic) Mao Zedong= communist We supported the nationalists China= communist, Taiwan= democratic
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  • Who was the leader of the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War and what unique tactic was attributed to him?
    Ho Chi Minh and the Ho Chi Minh Trail where the Vietcong and North Vietnamese army would enter neighboring nations to then re-enter Vietnam at will
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  • Who controlled Vietnam as a colony until they were kicked out after WWII?
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  • What was the ultimate result of the Vietnam War?
    Vietnam has been reunited as a communist nation today
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  • What did Deng Xiaoping do to China? How does this affect us today?
    He made the Chinese economy more capitalist and we have very close economic ties with China today
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  • Who was a famous British prime minister that believed in less government regulation of business and brought the US and UK closer together?
    Margaret Thatcher
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  • What two policies do we associate with Mikhail Gorbachev, what does each mean, and what did they help to occur?
    Glasnost- "Openness" in government actions Perestroika- "Restructuring" of Russia's economy Helped to bring an end to the old Soviet Union (Cold War)
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  • What key event in Germany do we associate with Ronald Reagan?
    Tearing down of the Berlin Wall
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  • Explain what the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) was and who put it in place.
    A network of satellites and missile-interception systems to combat nuclear weapons. Ronald Reagan
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  • What war is known as the "Forgotten War" and what was the ultimate result of this conflict?
    Korean War; division of Korea into communist North Korea and democratic South Korea
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