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Past Perfect (by the time / as soon as / already ...

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    Practice the use of the Past Perfect tense and the expressions "by the time", "as soon as" and "already".
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  • Two men disappeared some time between 7 and 8 P.M. The police arrived at 9 P.M. (Use “by the time”)
    By the time the police arrived, two men had disappeared.
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  • My mom prepared dinner before I got home. (Use “already”)
    When I got home, my mom had already prepared dinner.
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  • I opened the door and he hung up the phone at the same time. (Use “as soon as”)
    He hung up the phone as soon as I (had opened / opened) the door.
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  • When I learned English, I was 14 years old. I started learning Spanish at 15 years old. (Use “by the time”)
    By the time I started learning Spanish, I had already learned English.
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  • I spoke with Kate last night, but somebody told her before I did. (Use “already”)
    When I spoke with Kate last night, somebody had already told her the bad news.
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  • Last year she got a new job, the following week she bought a new car. (Use “as soon as”)
    She bought a new car as soon as she (had gotten / got) a new job.
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  • I missed my flight. I got to the airport. The plane wasn’t there. (Use “by the time”)
    By the time I got to the airport, the plane had already left.
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  • She lived in California for a few years, then she moved to Texas. (Use “already”)
    When she moved to Texas, she had already lived in California for a few years.
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  • It was raining but it stopped. Then I went to the mall. (Use “as soon as”)
    I went to the mall as soon as it has stopped / stopped raining.
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