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Reported speech
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    An interactive game aimed at practising reported speech.
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  • 'What have you been doing lately?', he asked me.
    He asked me what I had been doing lately.
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  • 'Don't worry about it,' she told him.
    She told him not to worry about it.
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  • 'Can you phone me later?', my brother asked.
    My brother asked if I could phone him later.
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  • 'Shall I bring you anything to drink?', the waitress asked me.
    The waitress asked me if she should bring me anything to drink.
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  • 'Does Elizabeth use Instagram?', I asked.
    I asked if Elizabeth used Instagram.
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  • 'I must rent a new flat,' David said.
    David said he had to rent a new flat.
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  • 'What are you doing tonight?', I asked them.
    I asked them what they were doing that night.
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  • 'I'll send you a WhatsApp message tomorrow,' I told Jill.
    I told Jill I'd send her a WhatsApp message the next/following day.
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  • 'What did you do last summer?', the teacher asked me.
    The teacher asked me what I had done the previous summer.
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  • 'I was watching Netflix last night,' I said.
    I said I had been watching Netflix the previous night.
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  • 'Could I have your email address?', the woman asked him.
    The woman asked him if she could have his email address.
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  • 'I may change my job soon,' Charlotte said.
    Charlotte said she might change her job soon.
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  • 'I'm staying in Brussels this month,' the guy said.
    The guy said he was staying in Brussels that month.
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  • 'I've been working on a project for a year,' Courtney told Jay.
    Courtney told Jay she'd been working on a project for a year.
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  • 'I'd already visited the cathedral,' Jason said.
    Jason said he'd already visited the cathedral.
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