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Word Guess Pt. 6

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    Guess the word out of the jumbled letters.
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  • eptes
    steep (adj.) - (of a slope, flight of stairs, angle, ascent, etc.) rising or falling sharply; nearly perpendicular.
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  • daelpde
    pleaded (v.) - past tense of plead which means to make an emotional appeal.
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  • akpe
    peak (n.) - the pointed top of a mountain.
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  • smit
    mist (n.) - a cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface limiting visibility, but to a lesser extent than fog; stri
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  • uiaspng
    pausing (v.) - present participle of pause which means to interrupt action or speech briefly.
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  • mxiaeden
    examined (v.) - past tense of examine which means to inspect (someone or something) in detail to determine their nature or condition; investigate thoroughly.
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  • ldnfoy
    fondly (adv.) - with affection or liking.
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  • gergud
    rugged (adj.) - (of ground or terrain) having a broken, rocky, and uneven surface.
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