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İf clauses (1,2) by JaNemm

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    İf clauses
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  • If I _____(have,has) time, I _________(finish) that letter.
    If I have time, I'll finish that letter.
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  • If you _______(call) your mother, she ____(be) very happy
    If you call your mother, she’ll be very happy
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  • If it ____ (rain) today, we ______(not go) to the park
    If it rain today, we won’t go to the park
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  • If John _______ (not buy) a new car, he ______(buy) a motorcycle.
    If John doesn’t buy a new car, he will buy a motorcycle.
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  • If I _____(know) the answer, I _____ (tell) it to you.
    If I knew the answer, I would tell it to you.
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  • If I _____(was,were) rich , I_____(buy) a mercedes.
    If I were rich , I would buy a mercedes.
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  • They_____(buy) a new house if they ____(have) more money .
    They would buy a new house if they had more money .
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  • If I ___(have) a map, I ______(lend) it to you.
    If I had a map, I would lend it to you.
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