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FUTURE Going to vs. Pres Cont. vs. Will

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    Future forms BE GOING TO and PRES CONT and WILL
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  • PUT IN ORDER: to / visit / We’re / going / Paris / next year.
    We’re going to visit Paris next year.
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  • PUT IN ORDER: Mum’s / clean / to / going / because / her / dirty / car / it’s .
    Mum’s going to clean her car because it’s dirty.
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  • PUT IN ORDER: a / in / having / My parents / holiday / Bali / are / without me!
    My parents are having a holiday in Bali without me!
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  • PUT IN ORDER: of coffee / I’m / going / and / to sit down / have / a cup.
    I'm going to sit down and have a cup of coffee.
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  • Hey Nerea, what ______ later?
    do you do
    you are going to do
    time are you going to do
    are you doing
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  • Emi _______ English all weekend!
    is going to
    is studying
    is going study
    is going to study
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  • Vero ______ to Madrid with Ana next Thursday.
    are going
    is going
    is going to arrive
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  • Isabel has studied a lot for her English test. She _____ it.
    is passing
    is failing
    is going to fail
    is going to pass
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  • It's raining outside. Isabel _____ wet if she goes outside without an umbrella.
    is going to
    is going to got
    is getting
    is going to get
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  • Nerea  _____ up at 7 o'clock tomorrow.
    is going to wake
    is waking
    are going to wake
    are waking
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  • Nerea loves candy. She _____ that whole bag of gummy bears.
    is eaten
    is going to
    are going to eat
    is going to eat
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  • Jose and Vero _____ a basketball game at four o'clock this Sunday in Castellón.
    are playing
    is playing
    are going to play
    is going to play
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  • 8 o'clock in the morning. There is not a single cloud in the sky. It ________ a beautiful sunny day!
    is going to
    is being
    is going to be
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  • Ana _____ her aunt in Australia some day. She needs to save up first!
    is writing a letter to
    is going to visit
    is visiting
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  • Arnold _____ late for work again!
    is eating pizza
    is going to be
    loves ice cream
    is being
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    Tomorrow we are going to the beach.
    Tomorrow we go to the beach.
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    I'm going visit Paris next year.
    I'm going to visit Paris next year.
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    We are excited because next Saturday we are having a party!
    We are excited because next Saturday we have a party!
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    Next weekend we are going to have a picnic.
    Next weekend we are have a picnic.
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    Next Saturday my family and I am going to a picnic.
    Next Saturday my family and I are going to a picnic.
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  • Arnold and his students _____ the plane to Tokio at 9.30 tomorrow morning.
    are catching
    are going to catching
    will catch
    are eating pizza on the
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  • Do you think you _____ abroad?
    are ever going to move
    are never going to move
    will ever move
    are ever moving
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  • There are lots of dark clouds in the sky.
    It won't rain.
    It's raining.
    It's going to rain.
    It'll rain.
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  • I hope that Emi ____ .
    is going to bake a cake for next class.
    will bring cookies next class.
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  • Jose has just eaten ten hamburgers.
    He'll have a stomach ache later.
    He's going to have a stomach ache later.
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  • Jose _____ the doctor tomorrow at 5.
    is going to see
    is seeing
    is seen
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